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How to Raise KH Without Raising PH (Is It Even Possible?)

Aquarium keeping is a delicate balance. Too much of one chemical can throw off the whole system. So, what do you do when your KH starts to drop, but you don’t want to raise your PH? Is it even possible to raise KH without raising PH?

How Big Do Pet Hermit Crabs Get? (By Type)

Pet hermit crabs are popular pets, but many people don’t know how big they can get. There are many different types of hermit crabs, and each one grows to a different size. The largest hermit crab is the Ecuadorian hermit crab, which can grow up to 10 inches long. The smallest hermit crab is the dwarf hermit crab, which only grows to about 1/2 inch long.

Why Are My Sea Monkey Eggs Floating on Top?

If you’ve ever tried your hand at raising sea monkeys, you may have been dismayed to find that your eggs seem to be floating on top of the water rather than sinking to the bottom. While it may seem like something has gone wrong, there’s actually a perfectly good explanation for why this happens.

Everything You Need to Know About Hermit Crab Vision

If you’ve ever been to the beach, chances are you’ve seen a hermit crab. These small creatures are interesting not only because of their unusual appearance, but also because of their vision. Hermit crabs have two eyes, but they’re not very good at seeing. In fact, they’re nearsighted and can only see things that are close to them. This is because their eyes are located on the ends of their long antennae.

Are Hermit Crabs Social? (And Can They Live Alone?)

Hermit crabs are one of the most popular pets, but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding them. Are hermit crabs social creatures? Can they live alone?

Hermit crabs are interesting creatures that have been living on Earth for millions of years. They are related to lobsters and crabs, and are known for their ability to live in shells. Hermit crabs are found in tropical climates all over the world, and are a popular pet.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding hermit crabs. Are they social creatures? Can they live alone?

Hermit crabs are social creatures and need to be kept in pairs or groups. They are known to live in colonies of up to 100 crabs. In the wild, hermit crabs live in close proximity to each other and often share shells.

Shells are important to hermit crabs as they provide protection from predators and the elements. Hermit crabs will often fight over shells, and the larger the crab, the more desirable the shell.

While hermit crabs are social creatures, they can also live alone. However, without the company of other crabs, they may become stressed and withdrawn. Hermit crabs need to interact with others of their kind in order to stay healthy and happy.